Happy 50,000 Views VitalBodies Blog!


UPDATE: He hit 50,000 views so we have shifted to the new blog. All new posts will appear only on the new blog. We unpublished the posts here on this blog that were made during the transitional time. Those transitional posts are all only available on the new blog.

We thought if we hit 50,000 views we might celebrate by moving our vitalbodies.wordpress.com blog to the VitalBodies.com/blog and start using Open Source software from WordPress.org rather than the free blog offering from WordPress.com.

This allows us much more blogging freedom than a WordPress.com blog like adding extensions.

But could we wait to hit 50,000 views?

We got to excited and started to make the big switch at 47,428 or so views!

So for the next 8-9 days it will take to reach 50,000 views we are launching our new blog and choosing a template and adding features.

Our new Carbon Neutral Web Site Hosting made the switch easy, fun and faster than we had expected and  we wanted to try out the one click install of WordPress and this blog shows it works!

Visit the new Blog at VitalBodies.com/blog.